Final Paper Proposal

For my final research paper I would like to research 3-D printing and its uses in the medical field. Over the past year I have seen more and more articles about 3-D printing; I have seen furniture, guns and now food being 3-D printed, but what has really grabbed my attention has been the use of 3-D printing in the medial field. Just this past week I read an article about a man who had his face disfigured in a motorcycle accident and then had it reconstructed by doctors using 3-D printed objects. There have been other similar stories about types of body parts that are, and could possibly be printed in the future.

For the past several years 3-D printing technology has been on the rise and I think the medical field is where our society can benefit the most from this type of technology. Everyday, doctors and scientists are advancing their knowledge and technology to one day be able to 3-D print body parts, like organs. What makes this more difficult that other types of 3-D printing is finding a way to print human skin, cells, veins, and blood vessels. Most 3-D printers use plastic and metal materials to print an object, but you can’t print a plastic liver and expect it to work. This year there has been a team of doctors who have said that their goal for 2014 is to print a human liver. This shows just how much closer we are to 3-D printing being integrated into everyday medical practice.

Questions for Exploration:

  1. What are the health benefits that come from 3-D printing?
  2. How far off are we from printing real working human organs?
  3. Will advanced medical 3-D printing increase or decrease medical costs?
  4. Is there a dark side to medical 3-D printing?

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Final Paper proposal

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